Stephen Hicks


(Source:Your Average Serial Killer, tumblr)

Stephen Hicks was nineteen years old. He was a free-spirited guy, and on the twenty-fifth of June of 1978, he was to be found hitchhiking around the Bath township in Ohio, on his way to a concert. As he wandered along the road, looking for a lift, another teenaged boy pulled up alongside him. They conversed, and the teen in the car, whose name was Jeff, offered to take Stephen back to his family’s house to drink beer and smoke cannabis. Stephen liked the idea, hopped into the car and went back to Jeff’s house.

Well, the beer and the drugs were produced, and the pair of them spent the afternoon, as far as I can ascertain, consuming them. Then, a couple of hours later, when said substances had run out, Stephen made the rather inconvenient decision to leave. Jeff didn’t like that at all, because he’d been dreaming of a day like this for years, and the fact that Stephen had no physical/romantic interest in him whatsoever somehow didn’t compute, as is the case with most selfishly deluded people.

So, when Stephen bent down to pick up his coat, Jeff launched himself at him and knocked him over. The pair of them fell to the ground and a struggle ensued, both antagonists under heavy influence of alcohol and drugs, which never goes well.

In the heat of the moment, Jeff grabbed a ten-pound dumb-bell, hefted it above his head, and sank it into poor, unlucky Stephen’s skull. But he was only unconscious, not dead, and Jeff got a little carried away.

He wrapped the dumb-bell around Stephen’s neck and strangled him.

Jeffery Dahmer, at eighteen years of age, had killed a man, and he wasn’t about to own up to it. Unthinking of the many relatives who would now never see their loved one alive again, he sliced up the body, placed it in several black bin bags and drove to the quarry with the intention of disposing it, but changed his mind after an encounter with the police, who pulled him over for suspected drunk-driving. Dahmer passed the sobriety test, passed off the foul-smelling, mysteriously lumpy black sacks in his back seat as grass clippings, and drove home. He buried the body in the crawlspace of the family home (his parents and brother were absent). It is worth noting that his father and eleven-year-old brother, David, most likely lived on top of this makeshift burial ground for the next few years, until Dahmer came back a few years later to pound the remaining bones to pieces and scatter the fragments.

The Hicks family, meanwhile, composed of Stephen’s parents, brother and sister, lived a life of torment for the next several years. The first night he didn’t come home, they weren’t that worried, as he often pulled all-nighters like that. However, as the days passed by without sign of him, they grew frantic. They searched and searched, calling all of his friends and acquaintices and getting the police in on the act as well, but no-one could find him. It was as if Stephen Hicks had vanished off the face of the earth.

About thirteen years later, detectives acting on the directions of Dahmer went to the old family home to set about on the task of recovering that unfortunate first victim’s remains. The first indication that Dahmer was telling the truth about the murder was when they checked the crawlspace: the walls inside were awash with dried blood from where Stephen had been dismembered. They found enough bone fragments in the surrounding forest to establish that Stephen Hicks, the friendly, outgoing young hitchhiker, had indeed met his abrupt end at the hands of the teenage Dahmer.

Stephen’s parents followed their son a couple of decades later; his mother died in 2008 and his father in 2010.

I’m just about finished here with the story of Stephen Hicks, but I just want to clear one last thing up. Some sources claim that Stephen engaged in sexual intercourse with Dahmer. This is not  in any way true. Jeff, not that anyone cared, said it himself:

“From the time I spent with him I could see he wasn’t gay….” (but that never stopped your gallop, did it?)

It’s just a made-up detail with no truth to it, possibly to make the story more interesting. That happens a lot with murder victims, as we shall see.

Interestingly, Dahmer’s final moments echoed those of his first victim’s. In a twist so epically fitting it could’ve been scripted, this born-again Christian was battered to death with a piece of weight-lifting equipment, by a man who called himself Christ.

Rest in peace, Stephen.



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30 responses to “Stephen Hicks

  1. Ransu

    I’d like to show the blog visitors a different photo of this victim just in case anybody’s interested. This one is in color and really showed the layed back personality of Steve. I always thought that Steve looked like the most interesting and fascinating of Dahmer’s victims, and he always stood out in my mind for some reason. I actually began to cry when I saw this photo. He was also the reason I searched for and found this blog.

    Thanks for clarifying his sexuality, but you should add that he was hitc hiking in order to see a concert, and that Dahmer was killed, ironically, by the weight part of a machine, just like Steve. I’ll post any other better non-sepia tinted photos of any of the victims on this blog if I can. Thanks.

    • Okay, I’ll edit it right away!

      I think I know which photo you’re talking about. I’ll replace the sepia one with it, and credit your source. Y’know, I have something of the same fascination with victim #3, Jamie Doxtator. I could only find two photos of him, and both look like mugshots-what was the story there? He was so young as well.

      Thanks again!

      • Ransu

        Oh yes, a few more things. I’ve found out the the whereabouts of his brother and sisters. HIs sister Julie got married to a man named Kevin Patricks, and now works at West Virginia University as a psychologist. His brother Jeff lives in Springfield with his wife, Rhonda.. His other brother, Craig, married a woman named Kari and lives in Coventry. I have photos of all three.

        And I’d also like to make a correction, he had just gone to Chippewa Lake Park, next to Medina County and DID see the concert. He planned to get to an airport landing near Lockwood Corners to rendezvous with his friends, and also planned to go to home because it was his father’s birthday and planned to give him a gift. On the way he met Dahmer. . After his death his parents hired a detective and even asked a psychic of his whereabouts. Eventually his parents ( Martha and Richard,who I both photos of) filed a 50 million lawsuit on Dahmer’s parents, and were awarded 10 million dollars by default after they refused to respond. (,550483)

        As for James Doxtater, he was known for hanging outside Club 219 and asking for favors and alcohol, because he couldn’t go in because of his age. He was probably arrested for soliciting. Most Native American families are poor and he probably needed the money, there is reservation near the area. There is a long history of Oneida indians with the name of James Doxtater in the area, he was probably a descendant.

        If you want to see the photos I found or need me to do any more sleuthing on a particular victims please ask. Thanks.

      • james king

        james doxtator was so unlucky

      • Amen to that. He was only a little kid. Poor thing.

  2. Ransu

    Oh, one more thing. After his first trial where he was convicted of 15 killings, he was sent to Ohio and another trial was there where he was convicted of Steve’s. If you could find a video of that trial or an online newspaper article about it that would be great,

  3. Ransu

    Oh, nevermind. I found out everything I could about that one, there was no video. But I did find an interesting account of Steve’s life. When he was a child he went on a hunting trip and killed a rabbit, he was very proud but then started crying after realizing the consequnces of his actions. It’s mentioned here.,133828&dq=steven+hicks+dahmer+funeral&hl=en

    It should be included in this post to show the contrasting morals of him and Dahmer. I also have some interesting data on Jeremiah Weinberger. Sorry!

  4. Ransu

    This is my final comment on here, I promise. He went to the Chippewa Lark Park to see the Michael Stanley Band. I’m done here.

  5. Ransu

    Oh, and a few weeks after hicks death Dahmer had a seance with friends, apparently to contact Steve. Ha also stated that he was being haunted by Hicks, looking at Dahmer’s death I guess sol

  6. Ransu

    Oh, yeah. Thanks. I get a little obsessed, but one last thing. Steve wes born on June 22 1959, four days and was killed four days before his 19th birthday. He was still 18.

  7. Ransu

    Also the room he died in was made by the music room by Christ Butler, the muscian. Kinda of like a memorial to Hicks who loved music…

  8. Ransu

    Oh and his middle name was Mark, please add that.

  9. Ransu

    Also Chris Butler, the guy who bought the house, wrote “No Guilt”, I Could Rule the World, If I Could Only Get the Parts” and “I Know what Boys Like” (oh, the irony!). It’s funny imagining him playing those in the room in which Steven died especially the last one. Steven must have known, seeing as how Dahmer picked him up shirtless, but Dahmer didn’t know what boys like seeing as how Steve rejected him. lol

  10. Ransu

    Also they found 407 bone fragments from Steve around Dahmer’s house.,, Now that I’ve finally vented I can stop thinking about Steve, delete everything I found about hi, and move on, thanks so much. R.I.P.

  11. Ransu

    Ok but one more final thing, in another twist of fate it seems that just as Dahmer was attacked by a metal bar by Scarver, Dahmer used a metal bar to attack his roommate in Germany. Just another fun fact.

  12. Ransu

    ITtmight be a good idea to make a different post on DAhmer’s survivors, Michael Salinas, So Billy Capshaw, Ronald Flowers and Somsack Sinthasomphone.

    • I dunno, I wouldn’t want to invade their privacy. Especially Somsack-he was only sixteen at the time, remember. Also, I wouldn’t want to put something like that on the internet where friends or partners could see it. Thanks for the suggestion, though! Seriously, stick around-you’re very helpful! You wanna collab on a post sometime?

  13. Ransu

    Yes, sure. Just tell me how and when. I also looked up the music played by the Mike Stanley Band at Steve’s concert, the discography including the tracks of

    LONG TIME (Looking For A Dream)

    Oh, the irony! I love stuff like this. and to think the only remains of this lovely young person was less than 20% of a skeleton, and a red cross necklace which which only the chain returned recovered, after being thrown into the cuyahoga river. His wallet and clothes were are burned. Give me the word when ready

  14. Rememberthetime

    Wow fascinating, i read all your feeds, amazing to learn this stuff! So sad this all happened to innocent victim’s SO sad your last post was in 2013, you need to keep going or is there new ventures you all are doing in a collab?

  15. Ultra Cosmic

    is someone on here related to any of the victims ? where did all these details come from ?

  16. steven White


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