Before Pennywise, There Was Pogo-Closing Thoughts on the Gacy Murders

John Wayne Gacy was truly a sordid figure. I have already mentioned his immense girth and disgusting complexion, but allow me to linger on his unsightly stubble, his infuriating “not guilty” pleas, the way flowers died when he smiled. (There is a small possibility that I am making that last one up.) Also, he was evil long before he was a murderer. Gacy had a habit, according to the rather fascinating book Buried Dreams, of cruising around town during the sixties and picking up hustlers and prostitutes to-look, it’s unpleasant. It was mostly little guys, young teenagers who were desperate for money and didn’t know any other way to make it. 

A nasty trick this well-known children’s entertainer used to play on them was to send them out to a soda machine or something with a quarter, before driving away at full speed, leaving the child alone in the middle of nowhere with just enough money for a soft drink. Think of how he must have chortled as he drove away, the raging boy dwindling from view in his wing mirror. 

He was an abhorrent man, and it is my fond belief that, as soon as he shuffled off this mortal coil, the vengeful spirits of his young victims apprehended him and turned him into a spit roast, which would have been particularly ironic as Gacy was said to be an excellent cook. It just seems like the ultimate justice, for a man who looked and acted like a pig to be carved up and eaten like one.

But that’s just me.

P.S. I did not use any photos in this post because I can’t get good quality photos of all the victims, and anyway some may not have photos. I should probably mention that, for the Dahmer victims, every photo from Raymond Smith onwards was borrowed from I own none of them, naturally. Thank you.


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