Kate Rich




This is Kate Rich, an eighty-two year old lady who knew Becky Powell and Henry Lucas briefly. She lived in Ringgold, and allowed Lucas and his “wife” to live with her for a time, but her relatives got suspicious of the pair and had them kicked out.

Shortly after Becky was killed on the sixteenth of September, Lucas came calling again to his former benefactor’s house, asking her help in looking for poor, deceased Becky. Kate, of course, did not know she was dead, and agreed to help him in his search.

They drove around for a while, going north, before Lucas was seized by a burning curiosity to add another sin to his crumpled, soiled soul. Kate was sitting in the passenger seat beside him. Between them was a knife. Lucas picked it up and casually rammed it through the elderly woman’s side.

He stopped the car in a deserted spot, walked around to the passenger door and opened it. At this point Kate was dead, having been stabbed in the heart. Lucas unceremoniously shoved the remains into a drainage pipe and made good his escape. law enforcement would not find the body until he confessed to the murder.

And that is the sad story of Kate Rich, whose one mistake was to feel concern for the whereabous of a fifteen-year-old child.

Rest in peace, Mrs. Rich.


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