Closing Thoughts on Henry Lee Lucas

Henry Lee Lucas….man oh man, I could devote an entire blog to just making fun of him. But this blog isn’t about him, so I’ll merely devote a few sentences to his shortcomings.

Henry Lee Lucas had so few teeth that paying people to chew his food for him was a major debit. Such a stench came off him that flies considered him carrion. He was so cowardly that the Cowardly Lion from Oz thinks about him to feel better about himself. The movie version of him is scarier than the man himself.

He was a psychopath, but he wasn’t a very good one. After being caught and incarcerated, the authorities wanted to find out his final body count, and so they sent a few investigators his way. They took with them a file on just about every disappearance, every unsolved murder that had occured throughout Lucas’ adult life. They questioned him about the deaths the files detailed. Apparently, he ended up confessing to over three thousand murders. A skeptical investigator decided to feed him a file for a murder that had never been committed. He set it down in front of him and said, “Henry, do you know anything about this?”

And Lucas drawled, “Oh, sure! I killed her, alright.”

He wasn’t good at anything. He wasn’t even a good liar.

But God bless those poor people he really did kill. They were good souls, just trying to get by in less-than-pleasant circumstances.

To them, I say, Rest in peace.

To him, I say, Rot in hell. Burn while you’re at it.


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