Hi. If you wish to interact with me, I answer to Ka. This is just a little project I’m doing over the summer holidays, since it looks like it’s going to be yet another “morning television marathon” summer-in other words, wet as a peed-on blanket. If anyone has any info on the victims of serial killers that they would like to contribute, I’d appreciate that greatly. Enjoy the blog.


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  1. Hi there – you still posting? I enjoy your blog. Thanks.

  2. Judy

    we think we have Frank living on our property, he was a foster child of my husband and his wife, can you tell me more about his progression through the system

    • I don’t really know much, ma’am. He certainly ran with Henry Lee Lucas for a little while. According to some reports, the things he saw during that time traumatized him.

      Look, I’m just a seventeen-year-old kid with a lot of spare time. I’m not quite sure what the protocol is for dealing with these cases. However, I would suggest finding him, bringing him into the house, giving him a cup of coffee, having a natter….you know. General how-are-you. It could help him a lot.

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